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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I got my records already!

Wow after my post yesterday, I thought it was going to drag on.  They called me at 2:30pm.  I went to I called the surgeons office to tell them that I was going to get them after work and asked them what happens now.  Boy, it is all like gloom with them.  They said maybe 2 weeks before the submit, then 4-6 weeks before insurance responds.  Do they just tell you this to make you think they aren't taking too long?  Or is this how it really is?   I was flying high until I talked to them :(  I can't believe that I have 16 followers.  Thanks ladies for the support.  It is greatly appreciated!


Jenny said...

I was really lucky with BCBS, I had a pretty quick turn around time. Everyones is different. Hopefully you will here soon!

LDswims said...

Yeah, they tell you that and most isn't true. Your providers office will get things submitted faster than that. I asked mine to do so and they were happy to do it but said it would have been quicker than the two weeks to submit anyway. Now the insurance company...well...they suck. I believe it's a rule that they have to. :) I have definitely heard some great stores about BCBS, though. Like 3 days to an answer...here's hoping!!!

MandaPanda said...

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy approval for you!

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