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Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy times!

I always feel that the holidays drag on on and on in our house.  One of my sons has a birthday on January 9 and my husband's birthday is January 19.  I usually can't relax until then.  We went ahead and had my husband's birthday today as we were both off work and we will be quite busy the rest of the week.  On Wednesday, his actual birthday we are going to an awards dinner in which (he doesn't know this yet, but he also doesn't know where to find my blog) he will be receiving the District Award of Merit for our district in the Boy Scouts.  It has been an adventure getting him to actually even go to the ceremony.  The commitee and I have been working on it for over a month!  He didn't want to go as it was on his birthday.  It has taken a lot of super secret stuff, but he said he would go because it is our last year in Cubs.  Wow it is so weird to say that.  We have had a boy in Cub Scouts for the past 13 years!  Next month we will be crossing the youngest boy to Boy Scouts just as soon as he receives his Arrow of Light award. 

Today, my husband and I went out to check on several of his geocaches that he has out in the area.  It was a nice day for a drive.  We only found one that we had to replace, so all is good.  If you are not familiar with geocaching check out www.geocaching.com it is like a scavenger hunt with GPS.  We have been doing this for a couple of years and when we go on vacation we often map our route to find a couple of caches along the way.  It is really neat to get off at an exit on the interstate you would have never gotten off of before to find a cache and see what is really there!  Check it out!

Well I guess I can't complain, but I have caught the exercise bug!  My husband bought me the Biggest Loser for Wii.  I love it!  I think that motivator is that the game is disappointed in you if you don't exercise on a day when you are supposed to.  So I do that exercise program so the game doesn't yell at me.  When I finish that workout is when the magic happens.  I want to do more!  I will dance with Just Dance for an hour or I have been doing a circuit training DVD for an hour.  The scale hasn't reflected much yet, but I think it is the muscle exchange.  I am hoping for scale movement soon.  It kinda stopped after my freefall in December.  I am however down a lot since my last fill!  I go back to the doctor on Wednesday. 

Sorry about my rambling on and on.  My head is still a little full from the sinus junk I have had going on all weekend.


Read said...

Ramble away... I've always wanted to learn more about geocache it sounds totally cool, so thanks for the link. Your weight loss will catch up soon enough, though it's so darn hard to be patient while you wait for it!

Amanda said...

I love my wii. I got through stages where I really enjoy it and then in the summer I slack off a bit. Good for you.
Congrats to the husband,too!
I have always been interested in geocaching. I thought it might be something Chris and I might do some day.

Something About Kellie said...

I love the exercise games for the Wii - My weapon of choice lately has been the Jillian Michael game but I think I might give the Biggest Loser game a go too!

~Lisa~ said...

Ramble on, Lady!! I loved reading your post, learning about geocaching and getting motivated to get my derriere moving!!

Rachel said...

I love reading your posts regardless. I bought PS3 Rumba...love it.

MandaPanda said...

Congratulations to your hubby and happy birthday to him too! I'm so jealous that you're all psyched about exercise. I'm doing it but not really excited about it....

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