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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm back!

The holidays are over.  Everyone in my house is back to work and school.  YEAH!  I am so glad.  My house will stay cleaner.  Food will stay in the refridgerator for more than an hour (teenage and pre-teen boys).    Work for me is starting off with a bang.  I have been really busy which I love.  We have had Judge rotations though and I am not sure that I am happy with the juvenile choice for the year.  We will see how that goes.  It takes a bit to get into the groove when someone comes to Juvenile, but this one scares me and I am one of the good guys in the room!

Life is slowly making its way back to just life.  Scouts started back up this week which means my husband will be gone 3 nights this week.  I enjoy that time though.  After he was home for most of the month of Dec.  I enjoy a little time to myself to exercise and such.  He got me the Biggest Loser for Wii and I have been doing that this week.  It is pretty good.  The only big problem I have is that my workout pants don't have pockets so I have nowhere to put the remote for some of the exercises.  I end up sticking it in the waistband and it doesn't stay or register well.  Any suggestions?  Also last night it was a sight at our house.  My 15 year old son got Just Dance 2 from my mother for Christmas.  He wasn't amused.  I asked him to bring it up last night to play with me after his workout.  He didn't want to at first, but after about 1/2 hour of just moving his arm he started competing with me.  It was quite a sight.  I will have to see if my husband really did tape us with the flip or not.  I know that he get it out of my purse. Of course after the initial laugh by my husband, he and my younger son joined in!  All 4 of us in the living room dancing our asses off!  How great is that!? I also can't wait to use my flip soon for my first vlog!  I haven't done one of those yet.  Maybe I will work on that this weekend.  Everyone have a wonderful day!  It is mid week so we are on the downward stretch!


Leslie said...

I've been missing from blogland for awhile but wanted to get back in the swing of things....

I don't know if you have EA Sports Active for the Wii, but if you do you could probably use the leg strap that comes with that.

Do you like the Biggest Loser game?

Jenny said...

I love that you guys play together! It makes it more fun.

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for easying my mind. I was actually getting a little worried!!!

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