Original Goal... I did it!

I hit goal once... I CAN do it again!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When is enough enough?

I think that I have written about this before, but it has been weighing on me a lot lately.  No pun intended.  When is it time to be done?  I have been dealing with people at work stating that I am getting too thin.  That sentiment has spilled over to the Courthouse today.  I had mention from the Court reporters and a couple of ladies at the Clerk's office.  Thing is I have 13 lbs to go to ultimate goal.  I am still overweight for 2 more lbs.  I am getting a little worried as I am now in a size 6 and 13 more lbs would definitely put me in a size 4.  How accessible is a  size 4 to purchase?  I don't want to be in the same predicament that I was in as a large woman with not being able to find clothing that would fit.  I am in size small pajamas.  Will I have to go to the kids section?  Remember the Dora Panty post?  This all being said, my stomach is still fat.  I still have a good size roll that I can grab on to.  My thighs look like a butt.  I can't afford plastics.  If I lose the 13 lbs, will it come off my stomach or maybe my butt thighs?  I guess I am a little confused about where this journey ends.  I don't know if I could stop losing at this point if I decided not to, but it takes some thought.  Here are some progress pics.  9 months - 69 lbs down

Ok I totally look special ed in this photo, but it shows my stomach without showing too much other stuff...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Question for all...

So I have a question...  I changed my profile pic to a full body shot because damn, I am in love with my new body.  Problem arises that when I comment on someone's blog, I end up looking like the headless horseman!  How do I prevent this? I am also wanting to find some time to jazz up my blog some.  It will take me forever though.  My question with this one is how do you add multiple pages?  I would love to add some pics!  Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So I am back, but not being a good blogger...

I am back home from visiting mom.  I have to say I had a great time!  Life has been so hectic since I returned as I got home late on Monday evening (plane was seriously delayed in Phoenix) and went to work at 8am on Tuesday.  I have mounds of laundry as my husband justified his lack of laundry skills by saying it was impossible to do laundry as we didn't have detergent in the house.   I asked him if they closed the wal-mart while I was gone and didn't get a response.  My husband did however survive the 8 days with the 3 kids.  I am impressed with that.  Weight loss has been great and I lost some weight during my trip which is absolutely awesome as my mother seemed to not understand the concept of me not being able to eat much.  She also didn't understand that bread does not agree with me.  I even tried to go for the crusty part of a roll to shut her up and she took it and said you can have the soft (sticky) middle!  OMG  she totally didn't get it.  I survived eating with her with only 2 stuck episodes.  I haven't gotten stuck since so it was total operator error, but still...  I don't think that I have ever been on a vacation and came back lighter than when I left.  That is amazing.  Do you know what else is amazing?  I am 15 (YES 15) pounds from my goal!  I can't even imagine life there. 

So check me out in my size 6 Lucky capris!!!!! 

I can't believe that I can fit in a size 6!  I am still officially overweight by Mr. BMI (it has to be a man) for a couple more pounds, but a size 6!?  I am impressed with myself after 3 kids.

So mom and I went to Las Vegas on a whim during my trip to visit her.  Here we are right after our helicoptor ride to the Grand Canyon.

I gave mom that outfit.  I am so glad that I can't wear it anymore!
Right before I left on my trip my youngest son crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.  It was a wonderful evening.  Here is a pic of my boys, and yes the older one is that tall!  I am not sure where he got it... I am 5'2"! 
Who can forget the princess!
I am still trying to catch up on reading everyone's posts from when I was gone.  If my commenting is a little light, I am just really behind.  I am working to get caught up on everyone's goings on.  I WILL get caught up!  Just call me the  behind blogger.  OK don't that sounds a bit strange...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Having a wonderful time!

Mom and I are having a  wonderful time on our visit.  She did not know I was coming until Dad pulled up at the airport and told her to go in and find me!  She was ecstatic!  We have had great fun.  On Monday and Tuesday we drove to Las Vegas and spent some time.  I am not a gambler, so I found other things to occupy my time.  Mom is a gambler so we did spend a fair amount of time in the casinos.   I hadn't been to Las Vegas before so it was an experience.  We are back at her RV now.  She lives in the mountains about an hour from San Diego.  I surely didn't think Southern California would look like this!

I am here until Monday then it is back to reality.  Amazingly, I think that my husband is surviving with the kids.  Have a wonderful week.  I just paid my money for the Spring Challenge.  I am ready to get the rest of this weight off!