Original Goal... I did it!

I hit goal once... I CAN do it again!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Unfill is going well

I mentioned that I went to my Dr. last week for a big unfill.  I had 3cc taken out leaving me with 3.5 in my band.  I have to say after this weekend, I can't be happier!  I had been having a lot of trouble getting in enough calories for maintenance and had resorted to eating crap with no nutritional value just to get the calories.  I really wanted good food!  I have been able to eat well and it is great.  The nurse said that my weight may waver a bit this week, but it hasn't at all.  I think I am getting the same caloric amount, but now more nutrition.  I feel that I probably was too tight for too long, but wonder if I could have lost the weight without being so tight.  I would want to eat so bad, but just give up because it was too much trouble.  I also wasn't getting in enough water or liquids as it would be close to 1.5 hours before anything would go down after eating.  I didn't have time to constantly be drinking if I wasn't trying to eat so I just didn't drink or would forget.  I am loving that I can drink again whenever I want!

I am now feeling good about everything and some people at work are asking if I would do it all again.  The answer to that is a definate YES! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

I can't believe it has almost been a month...

Hi everyone!  I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted, but I have been reading although my commenting has left much to be desired.  Sorry to everyone.  When I last left you, we were starting to work on the kitchen remodel.  Boy, that was a job.  My husband and I don't hire things out, so we do all of the work ourselves.  We have a system of who does what and it seems to work pretty well most of the time.  The kitchen is the last room in the house that needed a makeover so I am glad to have that accomplished!  Now on to the pictures...  You all are seeing this before my children, as they have been visiting my parents in California since we started and now finished!  I hope they will be surprised! 

The Befores:  (these are when I was buying the house.  I had made small changes like appliances and a good cleaning, but you get the picture...)

And the afters!!!!

I can't believe that we dealt with that nasty ugly dysfunctional kitchen for that long!  We are in love with the results!  My husband actually cut all of the granite himself too.  Always an excuse for some new tools!

In band news, I went yesterday for a major unfill.  I had resorted to eating crapola to get my calories up in order not to lose more weight.  I so wanted to eat good food.  I had 6.5cc in my 10cc band.  I had 3 removed yesterday.  I am going to work maintenance with a lower fill level and see how that goes.  The nurse told me that I was too tight anyway.  When she put the needle in my port it started pushing saline in the syringe without her doing anything!  Wish me luck!