Original Goal... I did it!

I hit goal once... I CAN do it again!

Friday, April 30, 2010

BYOC via Drazil

1. What’s your favorite smell? OK this one is going to sound about the strangest in the world... I love the smell of diesel fuel and rain together. When I was in high school, my parents lived overseas in Indonesia on a mountain in a rainforest. There were no vehicles other than the company owned ones which were all diesel. It also rained on average 365 inches of rain a year. Something about the mixture of those smells always takes me back there. Now, I didn't live there all of the time though... my parents and younger brother did... I went to boarding school in Hawaii!

2. What is your all-time favorite movie and why? Christmas Vacation. My family is nuts and it is a great reminder that our nuttiness is just who we are and we have fun doing it. I have a sign hanging in the doorway that says, "Our family puts the 'fun' in dysfunctional"

3. What’s your trigger food? I am currently addicted to freeze dried green beans.

4. When someone you love is going through a difficult time – what are your go-to words to make them feel better – in just a sentence or two? Can I do anything to make this less painful for you?

5. This one is always the same. Who is your nominee for the blog of the week for YOU? Which blog OR comment touched your heart, spoke to you, stuck with you all week? I would have to say kagead getting insurance approval!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still here!

I haven't posted in a few days as #1 I have been at a conference for work, and #2 I haven't really felt like dealing with any of this. This insurance hell is really getting to me and I have just found it better to cope by trying to forget about it all. I am still doing ok on my diet, not too bad. The food at the conference wasn't that good at all, so I ate big plates of broccoli and cauliflower. My blood sugar has been screwing with me and running really low. I guess it is because I am eating better. I started cutting my pills in half so that I don't tank. I will talk to the doctor about that at my appointment on Tuesday.

I sit and daydream about how my life will be different with the band. I just wish I wasn't in this horrible holding pattern. I did find a shining star of the whole thing. We are going on a trip the third weekend in May. I was thinking that I may be on pre-op diet at that time. I guess I won't be now!

I would like to thank all for the great comments about the wii fit. I think that I am going to wait a bit and see.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I need some comments on WII Fit

We had a great week last week. The family and I went on Thursday evening to a town hall meeting on underage drinking. I went for sheer curiosity as to what the town's ideas were as I am juvenile probation in town. At the meeting the incentive for coming prize was a Wii system. MY SON won! He was quite excited. I have been wanting the Wii fit for a while, but did not want to spend the money on the system and the balance board. I need some feedback as to how everyone who has it thinks of it and if they use it enough to justify the price or not. Thanks for any and all feedback!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Victories, Failures, and BYOC a day late

OK so good news this week and bad news too.

I will start with the bad well not bad just more frustrating. My surgeons office called and I got all excited. They said that they wanted me to go to one more appointment with my doctor before they sent everything in. :( I about had a high speed comeapart on the phone because I was under the impression that it would take them 2 weeks to look at my file again before sending to insurance. The lady promised that she was completing the letter of medical necessity and all would be prepared, they just wanted one more set of dr notes to send. OK well, I was very upset, but they promised that I will get approved they don't see any problems, and just want to cover all bases.

GOOD NEWS! I have made it to ONEDERLAND! I am so excited. I haven't seen 199 since my 4th month of my last pregnancy!

and Last by not least. BYOC a day late. Sorry ladies, my laptop died yesterday. My husband majically brought it back to life though!

1. Name a career you would NOT want to do and tell why.

Day care worker. I have enough trouble not going insane with my own kids. Also I have a major adversion to vomit.

2. What’s the best present you ever received for your birthday?

The best birthday present ever was for my 16th birthday. It wasn't really a monetary present, but more of an act of kindness. We were on a cruise to Alaska for my birthday. When we were walking in Juneau as that was our port that day. Everyone stopped me to say Happy Birthday. I had know idea how everyone knew, but then mom said they were all eating with us when the "really hot" waiters sang to me.

3. This is from Amy W. (I had a request to copy her question and ask it today in BYOC) (Hope that’s okay Amy!)

What do you hide behind?

I often hide behind my husband. I am the one who is more often then not barking the orders, but it is him that I always send in to do my dirty work.

4. Where were you born?

St. Charles, Illinois

5. A little twist on this one..usually we ask – what blog spoke to you the most, stuck with you, had the most effect on you this week? This week I’m adding to that which comment may have affected you greatly? Sometimes a blog can lead to amazing comments and they deserve their own claim to fame here in this question.

I would say my favorite had to be Amy W's call to all newbies. I made a lot of connections that I wouldn't have otherwise found. Thanks!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I had a victory today!

No my insurance didn't call, nor the surgeons office saying that they submitted, but I didn't go to lunch with my co-workers!

Now I know that sounds strange and all, but it being Secretaries day and all the office was going out to lunch at of all places Pizza Hut.  I looked last night at the nutritional information posted online and was apalled!  It was sickening to think that I would feed that to my family without thinking.  I was looking for something that I could order that wouldn't be too bad, but I really couldn't find anything that I could stomach and the salad bar there just isn't very nice.  I tore myself up about it all morning and finally told them at 11:30 to count me out and told them why.  They understood.  I never would have thought twice about this a few months ago. 

I did get to come home for lunch and save myself at least 700 calories and find that I have 40 followers who stay around to listen to my rants!  Thank you for being here for me it has been more helpful to me than anything and I know that I can come and ask any question (no matter how wierd) and someone is going to know and not be offended.  That is priceless. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More rantings! I know everyone is tired of hearing them.

So I break down and call the surgeons office again,I am beginning to think that I have ADHD or something.   Or maybe more rightly, OCD.  Anyway, I call.  This time the different secretary answered and put me on hold several times.  I was beginning to think she was  a little scatterbrained as she kept forgetting who I was and why I called.  Next thing I know, the lady whose desk my file was supposed to be on for the last 2 weeks answers.  JACKPOT!  but no...  She gives me this sob story about how they have been short handed as 2 in the office are out right now and how she has been staying late working on medical necessity letters, but hadn't gotten to work on mine yet.  I was very nice about it and told her how I was really hoping to hear something soon as summer is quickly approaching and I really need to know where to put surgery in my schedule.  She said that the understood and would TRY to get to it.  She did tell me that she would call me when she faxes to insurance so I will know.  I know that everyone is probably tired of hearing me rant and complain.  I just want to get out of this holding pattern.  It feels like I am on a plane out on the tarmac and I have to pee, but the plane won't take off or go back to the terminal.  Just stuck and miserable...
I want to be skinny!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The frustration is mounting!

I have tried and tried to be patient with this insurance approval.  I broke down and called the surgeons office today.  The lady that I talked to (wasn't the one I usually do) said that my chart is still on the nurses desk (she didn't indicate if anything had been done with it) and that she was probably going to call me or something.  My file has been on the nurses desk for a week.  A WEEK!  If anything set on my desk for a week, my boss would have a fit and I work for the Courts where everything goes slow.  No phone call today.  I have called BCBS and they don't have anything from the surgeon.  Am I losing my mind!?  I don't want to be a pest, but I really hate this holding pattern.  My husband even asked me the other night if I knew when I was going to get skinny.  That is his way of showing that he is getting anxious. 

Any suggestions on how to pass the time?

Friday, April 16, 2010


This is the first time I have done this, but it looks so much fun!

1. If you ever won the lottery – what’s the very first thing you’d do?

I would pay off my and my husbands student loans.  They have been on our shoulders for all of our adult lives.  And since we chose lives in the public service field, we don't have a lot of extra money laying around to pay them off.  Then if there was any left, my husband would get a new car.  He really needs it!

2. What is your favorite curse word? (This one is from Joey)

Wow that totally depends on the day and the situation that my work clients have gotten themselves into.  I would say that the day I discovered that my whole job was to be a bitch and they pay me for that, I was in heaven!

3. What is your favorite holiday and why?

I would have to say Lincoln's birthday.  (OK I know it isn't a holiday for everyone, but...) I get the day off work and the kids still have to go to school and the hubby to work!  The only really FREE day I get all year!

4. What turns you on? (another suggestion from Joey)

The fact that my husband stands by me no matter what I get myself into...

5. Whose blog spoke to you, stayed with you, meant the most to you, stands out to you this week and why?

I would have to say LDswims blogs really spoke to me.  It reminded me that the insurance answer will come soon and I will be on the banded side too.  I read through all of her blogs and saw how long she had been waiting for this.  It is also great to know the "dark and dirty" side of the surgery as a play by play including all the things you may want to know but are afraid to ask.  Although I don't believe that many questions are beyond the realm of this group! The more removed from that exact situation the more you forget the day by day.  Thank you!

OMG also I have 25 followers!  That is more people than were in my graduating class!  Thank you for listening to my rants!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lessons learned!

I thought at many points in the day today that it must be a full moon and I needed to take a look at the calendar to make sure.  I still haven't done that yet...  In my job I deal with many people and the CRAZIES were out in full force today.  Here's to the quiet day I had penciled in on my calendar.

After lunch, my job took me to the middle school in our small town.  Girl fight... too much drama for me.  As I was walking in the door, I noticed that my son's bike was not locked to the bike rack.  I do not tolerate this as I work with criminals every day.  I was in the school for about 1 1/2 hours stewing about this the whole time. 

The police officer that was there also and I concurred that this was a issue that needed to be addressed today.  SO.... We took the liberty of removing my 14 year old son's bike from the bike rack and he took it to the police department so that we could retrieve it later.  The secretaries and principal and assistant principal at the school were all in on it also.  They really messed with his mind when he went in and told them it was gone.  I went and got him and took him to the police department to talk to the officer and report his bike. (same officer who took it for me)  A lot of fun!

Is it sick of me to handle things in this manner?  I bet he never leaves that bike unlocked again...

Monday, April 12, 2010

DOH!!! Or is that how Homer Simpson says it?

Well I broke down and called the surgeons office today to see if there was any progress on my case.  I tried not to call, but then thought I can call to see if they got my fax last week and they won't think I am crazy!  So I call and she said let me go pull your file.  She said yes they got the fax.  I will now go put it on the nurses desk to prepare to send to insurance.  OMG!  They haven't even looked at it because I hadn't verified with them that they got my fax!?  I wanted to scream! 

I would like to send congratulations out to LDswims for her banding today.  I can't wait to be with you on the other side!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Closets CLEAN!

Oh Lord please let me not have to ever take those clothes out to wear again in the fall.... 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Afternoon thoughts...

No blog yesterday... You know it is going to be a BAD day at work when the State's Attorney calls you at 8:03am and says "What did you have planned to do today?"  That is never a good question.  I actually had to work late! 

I am dying to call and see if my paperwork has been submitted!  They told me to call in 2 weeks!  I am on 2 days and it is killing me!  I don't know how you girls did it.  I just wonder if it will ever come.  I spent an hour this morning on the phone with my husband trying to figure out our schedules to see when it would be best to try to fit all of this in.  We are sooo busy this spring as the boys are separated in Scouts again this year.  One in cub scouts and one in boy scouts.  My husband is a leader in both.  Can we say LOTS of campouts!  Finally my husband said... "you schedule it whenever you need to and we will work around it.  I love him for being supportive of me with this. 

The main thing that I worry about is him being gone on a campout and me having to take care of my daughter who is 16 months.  Do any of you know what the weight lifting restrictions are?  She can climb up on the couch to sit with me, and I could change diapers on the floor (getting back up may be an issue), but I would have to lift her into her crib.  She is small for her age (21 lbs), but still... I worry if I won't be able to lift her and for how long. 
Well I am so glad it is Friday!  It is just me and the kids this weekend, as my husband has to go out to the woods and train new Boy Scout leaders.  He is the District Training Chairman also.  Can we say BUSY!?  I hope that maybe we can take on some closets!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I got my records already!

Wow after my post yesterday, I thought it was going to drag on.  They called me at 2:30pm.  I went to I called the surgeons office to tell them that I was going to get them after work and asked them what happens now.  Boy, it is all like gloom with them.  They said maybe 2 weeks before the submit, then 4-6 weeks before insurance responds.  Do they just tell you this to make you think they aren't taking too long?  Or is this how it really is?   I was flying high until I talked to them :(  I can't believe that I have 16 followers.  Thanks ladies for the support.  It is greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let me do the happy dance!

I have just come from my last "physican diet" appointment!  I am so glad that is over.  I have good news down another 2 lbs.  I guess that 4lbs isn't too bad for a 3 month diet.  I hope it is enough for bcbs!  I have a good feeling about it.  I put in my records request when I was at the Dr. office.  I will await the phone call to go and pick them up.  I guess I have to be in control of everything and just couldn't trust them to send them to the surgeon.  I will pick them up and then fax them to the surgeon.  Wow I am on air!  I can only imagine I will be flying higher when I get insurance approval!

Monday, April 5, 2010

I can't believe my luck!

I would like to start today by thanking everyone for the great inspirational comments they have been giving me. I appreciate each and every one of them. I am still so amazed at how therapeutic this is.  Tomorrow afternoon is my last physician supervised diet visit.  I am hoping for anything on weight loss.  I lost 2lbs last month.  He said that showed I was really trying because one of the medications I am on causes weight gain.  I thanked him for telling me that when he prescribed it!  I will request my records when I go.  I am then at the mercy of my dr office.  They tell me that they have 14 days after a records request to get the records.  I am hoping that it won't take that long as I am only requesting the past 3 months as I got all of the other records when I started this journey.  I will then fax them to my surgeon and they will prepare to submit to insurance.  THEN I WAIT! 

Luckily the mother-in-law didn't call today.  I wasn't planning on answering the phone if she did.  I am totally not keeping my surgery a secret.  Almost everyone at work knows.  We are a very closeknit office.  Sometimes too closeknit!  Everyone knows everything about everyone.  I swear that each woman is on the same cycle.  The poor men in the office.  There are only 3 officers that are men.  I think sometimes they hear more than they want too.  Also, there hasn't been any turnover in about 6 years.  The same people for that long spending that much time together.  It can get scary.  They on the otherhand are completely supportive of my decision.  I would wish the great support that I get at work on anyone. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope that everyone had as great of a day as I did!  It was a beautiful day here in Southern Illinois.  The weather couldn't have been any better.  My brother came over and we barbequed.  The kids hunted eggs and then we walked to the park.  I actually got out and jumped on the kids trampoline.  It wasn't that bad, actually a bit fun... will have to keep that in mind. 

My mother in law is wanting to make me crazy.  She is the one person that I didn't want to know about my surgery.  My husband slipped and said something to her.  Well the situation was unavoidable.  My doctor is 3 1/2 hours away.  We were there for the psych appt and physical when she called saying that she needed him at her house immediately.  He had to tell her.  Well from this point forward she is calling me telling me that I shouldn't do that to myself, and that I am putting my family at risk for losing me.  It just really pisses me off when she does this.  Not doing this puts my family at risk of losing me!  She doesn't get it.  But then again, she refuses to go to any specialist that her dr wants to send her to.  Argh!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thoughts on this "insurance" pre-op diet

Since I have my last insurance diet appointment on Tuesday, I got thinking.  What is the point of this stupid thing?  If I could lose weight well on a diet, I would go on a diet.  Not have myself surgically altered to do the same thing.  It is the point to sabotage this or something?  I have been being good and really trying.  I never was one to eat horribly.  Last month I lost 2lbs.  That was it.  Dr. said that with one of my medications that was good.  I am beginning to think that all of this doesn't matter at all to the insurance company.  They are just trying to "weed out" those who don't have the patience to put up with their crazy BS. 

Wow, I am rambling this morning.  Just one of those days.  I am hoping that the rain that is going on now will stop in time for the easter egg hunt this afternoon.  The radar looks like it will.   I went to my brother's house last night.  I did really well.  He smoked a pork butt and I was able to just have a very small sandwich which I shared with my daughter.  We had a good time.  I am so glad that he is doing better.  He had been in a depression for about the past 4 years.  We really didn't notice too much, we just thought he was really lazy.  Late last year, he almost succeeded in a suicide attempt.  This brought everything to light.  He had actually been kicked out of college for a year and his roommate didn't even know he wasn't going.  He moved in with me for a couple of months to get back on his feet.  Thankfully everything is going well with him now.  He talks now, which mom & I figured was just a "man" thing before.  He has started going to college online which he really likes.  The cookout was to celebrate his first grades.  All A's!  I hope that this puts him on the right track.

I just looked outside and the sun is now shining!  I sure hope that they haven't called off the egg hunt!  This is the first year my daughter will be able to go.  My oldest son (14) is excited about walking her through the area. 

Friday, April 2, 2010


I really think that men are another species!  Living with 3 of them always makes for good entertainment.  My husband is the king of the idiots this morning.  I wonder sometimes how I live with him. 

Our 10 year old lost a tooth last night.  He also had another tooth (that he didn't tell us about) that he lost last week and is just telling me about now.  So the bag goes under the pillow for the tooth fairy.  I look in my purse and all I have is a $10.  Darn!  I ask my husband and he says that he doesn't have any cash.  We hardly ever carry cash.  I say that I really don't want to put $10 from the tooth fairy.  That is a precident that I don't want to start.  He says, I will go and get some money and take care of it don't worry.  It is about 11 pm at this point.  I head off to bed thinking everything is fine.  I get up at 6am (which is a joke in itself because it is a holiday at work) and ask him if he took care of the tooth fairy.  He says "Oh sh*t, I forgot!"  MEN!  Needless to say, $10 is the going price for teeth nowadays at the Travelstead house!

Oh and since I have the day off... I am going to go through my closet and remove the winter clothing.  I sure hope that I don't have to bring these particular clothes out again!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I love Spring!

It is such a beautiful day in Southern Illinois!  80 degrees and the sun is shining.  The pink magnolias bloomed yesterday and I think that the Bradford pears will burst tomorrow.  Darn the luck, but my job required me to be in the field today.  Such a bummer!  OK just joking, I enjoyed every minute of it.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken time to read my post.  I have 7 followers already.  I convinced myself that no one would want to read my ramblings.  I can't wait to join those of you on the "other side!"  I am really getting excited.  I go to my last "physician supervised diet" appointment on Tuesday.  I am beginning to think that the wait for insurance approval could actually be worse than the "two week wait."