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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First fill!

I made it my first fill after the experience of getting there through a lot of road construction.  I decided that I would force my 10 year old to go with me.  He is very interested in the band and I thought it would be good for him and anyways he was home alone today as my older son is at summer camp so since I was leaving town, he needed to go with me.  BIG MISTAKE! 

I need to explain my ten year old.  He not only marches to the beat of a different drummer, he has his own orchestra!  He talks about strange things the whole hour drive to the surgeons office like how certain trucks trailer hitches are configured and WHY.  I totally don't know how he notices this stuff!  I was about stressed when we got there, but oh I shouldn't have been...  I went in the office and got right in.  The surgeon comes in and tells me to stand in front of him.  He feels for my port and then takes out a HUGE needle and just sticks it in!  I was hoping for some numbing or something, but no.  Luckily, it didn't hurt at all!  He puts in 4.5 cc. He has me drink, unfortunately I don't feel very different.  My son pipes up (while the surgeon is still in the room) that we don't have to drive for an hour for that again because we have that needle at home that we inject the chicken and turkey with (marinade injector) and that he should be able to stick water in there just fine.  I wanted to crawl under the table!  Where does he come up with this?  I composed myself and asked the dr to show him the differences in the needle he used. 

I was able to obtain a copy of an article that was in the local paper where my surgeon is about my surgery.  It was in there because I was the first for the community and hosptial.  I thought it was really cool!

Here's to hoping for at least a little restriction!  I go back in 3 weeks.


Island Bandit said...

your son sounds like a hoot. and a handful! yours sounds like one of the most incident-free first fills i've read about so far. Yay for you! So now it's liquids for a day or two??? Hope you get to the sweet spot soon

Janice said...

Your son is so cute! I would still lock up the marinade injector; you don't want him experimenting with you in your sleep. :)

Good luck with your fill. I felt some restriction the first 4-5 days, now I'm getting hungry again. What is up with that???

Congrats on being published in the paper!

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

HA - that's too funny...not for you while you were there I'm sure - but funny now that it's over!

Linda said...

Thank you for the laugh! Your son sounds fun(I'm sure frustrating at times). Hope you feel some restriction in the next few days.

Amaris said...

Loved the story about your son. What's the old saying? Out of the mouth of babes? Or Kids say the darnedest things. My husband also talks about things like trailer hitches in a totally random way.

Thanks for your support. I'm so excited that I'mn taking the next step. I'm going to be out of town for a couple of days (Hubby isn't going with me), so there may be a fight for the immersion blender! We love it.

TnT said...

That's funny and yes, lets hope your son doesn't try any experiments with the marinade injector! MOM IS NOT A CHICKEN! LOL

Glad that you made it through your first fill and hopefully it will do its job and you start losing like a madwoman!:)

Christine said...

Dude your son is HILARIOUS! What an insightful and observant kid! Don't be embarressed! Foster that ability because it's really rare.

Isn't it the oddest thing that the needle can be SO BIG and yet it doesn't hurt? That's strange that your doc had you standing though! My doc has me lay down on the table. I much prefer that. What if you took a step backwards?

Cindylew said...

Good luck with the fill...4.5 CC is pretty aggressive for a single fill.
Here's hoping it does wonders.

#fatfreefloozy said...

I am a teacher! Times your son's conversation by 30 and you get my day every day! Perfectly normal I would say! So glad your first fill is in! I have had 2 and still have no restriction whatsoever! I am waiting for Fill # 3 to make a difference.

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