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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy weekend

Thursday my son left for his national scout jamboree in D.C.  I just love technology as the troop is uploading pictures of their trip every night!  It looks as if he is having fun.  The send off was a lot of fun and the boys were on the news and the front page of the paper. 

Now the fun begins.  We have taken the bunk bed out of DS#2 room and will take the wall down today.  I hope to have it back up and to the painting step by the end of the weekend.  Tall request with a 20 month old helping I know!

On the band front, my first fill didn't really give me any restriction.  I feel like I am having to limit myself more than I was before the fill.  I still have lost, but it is all my "diet" and I didn't think that I was going to have to do that anymore! 


Jen said...

That photo updating thing sounds so cool! I'd be glued to the screen waiting for updates. heh

Hang in there, hopefully your next fill will get you closer to your sweet spot. I haven't had my first yet, but I'm betting it's going to take me a couple of tries at least to get restriction too.

Seeing in colour said...

Hey band buddy!! we had our bands put on at the same day hey... thats pretty cool.

Hope all is well... im still finding this crazy confusing :D

Christine said...

I heard about the troop jamboree in DC! it's supposed to be HUGGGEEE! And hotter than hell. I hope he has a great time!

You have another appointment scheduled for another fill, right? For, maybe 2 weeks from now?

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