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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Never trust a hiccup!

At work this morning I had to drive the the detention facility for my juveniles which is about 40 miles away.  It was a nice day, no problems.  Well I was starving on the way home, so I ran through Arby's drive thru for some loaded potato bites (I know not the best choice, but something I thought I could eat while driving).  I get out on the highway and start eating.  Things are not going well.  I know better than to eat and drive.  I pull over and get the roll of diaper bags that I keep in my purse for times like this.  I promptly pb in the baggie.  All is well, I feel fine again.  I don't even try to eat anymore. 

About 12 miles down the road, I am still feeling fine.  No stuck feelings or tightness at all.  I so however feel a hiccup.  Not a big deal, I do that a lot since being banded.  Well not such a little deal...  I proceeded to bring up a PILE of slime.  WHILE DRIVING!  It is all over my shirt, pants, and leaking between my legs onto the cloth seats of the get this... company vehicle!  OMG!!  I frantically look, I have NO Napkins anywhere!  Needless to say I drove the additional 20 miles back to the office covered in slime.  I walked in and told the secretary that I was going home for lunch and if anybody needed the car, talk them out of it and I would explain later.  Anyone know how to get a pile of slime out of cloth seats?  It looks like I peed in it!  I came home and showered.  I still need to go back and clean it up.  I hope that no one needs to use the car!


Susan said...

Bummer! It is such a learning process - I'll keep this in mind too :).

Jen said...

OMG - I just had the same thing happen to me...20 mintues ago. It's HORRIFYING!
The slime is super slime too - I tried to wipe it from the floor board and it wasn't moving.
I would say baby wipes, and just keep working at it.

Island Bandit said...

aye aye aye. that sounds horrid! haven't been there so can't offer any suggestions

Sandy said...

Yuk. But it happens. I was caught one time without kleenex in my purse. Thankfully I was near a bathroom and ended up taking a bunch of toilet paper with me for the next few hours.

Be prepared is easy to say but sometimes easy to forget. I keep little ziplocs in my purse now and they really come in handy. I'd just spray the seat with a little windex and all should be good. Tell them you spilled your coffee/drink/pudding. Should give them a good laugh.

Read said...

OMG! I'm so so sorry this happened to you. I agree with Sandy Lee - it was definitely some coffee or maybe a thicker milkshake or something like that.

Bonnie said...

That sucks.

Christine said...

I totally get the hiccup! For me, it's sneezes. For some reason, when I'm stuck (sometimes I don't even know that I'm stuck) I get the sneezes, and UUUGGGGHH....the MESS that comes out of me! It's very sudden, very gross, very scary. I swear I shouldn't be allowed o eat in public! LOL!

Amanda said...

So this is what I have to look forward too!!! WHOA!!! LOL

See I don't seem to have issues with my readings during the day but first thing in the morning my readings are around the 103-114 range! grr

Unknown said...

Crikey! I haven't had a slime moment yet so this post is a good warning for me. Hope you had luck getting out the stain. V.

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