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I hit goal once... I CAN do it again!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Wow!  I didn't think that I would make it!  Today I am claiming 60 lbs gone forever.  I actually hit the number a week ago, but with the holiday week I didn't want to claim it yet.  I have kept it off and I am also glad to report that my weight free fall has let up.  Thank god I can eat again! With the insurance change I have been going through, I am not approved for another appointment until January 19.  If I was needing an unfill it was going to get really crazy!

The holiday was rough.  The family made it through ok.  I got really sad as I put up the tree and decorations today as when I bring them out again, Bill will have been gone a year.  That was probably the roughest thing I have encountered yet.  My parents left this morning.  They have been in town since right after my brother passed.  They are on a 4 day drive to their new home (parking spot) in California.  They may actually pass up their house on the way!  My parent live in an RV.  My father works as an engineer for a company in which he travels the country for projects.  Their home was already supposed to be in California, but something went wrong with the freight company and with the holiday, it was just picked up today in Austin, TX.  I am in great hopes that my mother doesn't fall into a depression in a new place where she doesn't know anyone and dealing with the great grief. 

Christmas involved a lot of tears, but I think that we held it together well for the kids.  They had a wonderful holiday and I managed to surprise each of them with their gifts.  It is really neat to see the differences in Christmas in kids close up with the age range of my kids.  At home we have two boys 15 (in 2 weeks), and 10.  One girl age 2.  We also have an older boy (my stepson since he was 2) who is 19.  He got engaged this Christmas.  I really like the girl.  I wish him the best. 


Jacquie said...

I''m glad you made it through the holiday Heather. I am so glad it is over!

Jacquie said...

And a huge congrats on the weight loss!

Read said...

I'm so glad you all made it through the holidays and in a way that kept it still good for the kids.

And way to go on the weight loss - that's fantastic!!!!

~Lisa~ said...

Terrific job on the weight loss! Good for YOU - I'd claim it, too!

I am glad to hear that everyone got through the Holidays, together.. Family support is so important.

Rhonda said...

I'm glad you all made it through the holidays in one piece, I know how rough it can be. And congrats on the weight loss - what an accomplishment!

MandaPanda said...

I'm sure the holiday was rough. So glad you got through it OK. That's quite an age range on the kids. Do the older ones still get into it for the younger one's sake?

Ginger aka Gidget said...

Still thinking of you lots. HUGS!

Tracy said...

Heather -

Hi, I am a blog stalker .... just finished reading your blog. You have done very well and you look amazing. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. It is so tough to deal with the loss of someone that you love so much, especially around the holidays.

I was banded on December 1st and am still in the pre-fill (bandster hell) stage. I am loving the decision I have made for myself. I too feel so much lighter. I am 20 pounds down...I cannot wait to see 60 pounds. I also had a relatively low starting weight (227). I barely made the insurance requirements. In fact my doctor shaved a bit off of my height to help out...she recognized that my weight was going to create issues for me eventually. I love her for that!

Please add me to your following list...I would love to hear some words of encouragement from you from time to time.


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