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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have been scarce the past few days for good reason. My husband and I have been dealing with the realization that we are getting old! I will just add a quick post update to announce that I am going to be a GRANDMA! AT 35! WTF!? I am still about to fall over. My stepson is 19. I have been his other mommy since he was 2 so he is practically mine. They are due in July. I am happy for him. I told my husband who was having real trouble with the news that Jacob is older than now than he was when Jacob was born.

So does anybody have any good experience advise for being a young grandma. Like calling something other than grandma? I will however make sure that I am a sexy one!!!


Justawallflower said...

Congrats to u! I am also a young (step)grandma. I am 27 and have 8 grandkids! I am still trying to find a good name for me, but for now it is grandma. My mom goes by ma-mel (her mane is melodie).

Jen said...

Band-Babe's husband calls her a GILF! lol

Congrats on the blessing G-Ma! ;)

Bones said...

My mom was a grandma at age 39..... my daughters first birthday card was signed "your mom's mom"

However... can I just also say that being a grandma at a young age is really a blessing from the grandchilds POW? I come from a long line of young parents/grandparents. My grandma was almost 17 with her first baby, my mom was 18, I was 21.

What that has meant for me is that I have been able to have a very close relationship with my grandparents. Not only that...MY daughters have a close relationship with their grandparents AND great-grandparents.

There is a lot to be said for having enough youth -- and the health that comes with it.... to enjoy the grandkids.

And besides.. hoe much fun to hold a new baby!

Amanda Kiska said...

My mom was a grandmother at 36 and my oldest sister (the one resonsible for making her a grandma) was rewarded by becoming a grandma when SHE was 36. Being a young grandma is AWESOME! You'll have the energy and time to really be involved in your grandchildren's lives. Hell, at this rate you'll watch your great-great-grandkids grow up and have babies!

Ginger aka Gidget said...

I came from the other end of the spectrum. I was born when my dad was 45, so my grandparents were in their 60's and they died when I was young, so I was really sad that I didn't get to spend a lot of time with them. I think it's a blessing to have younger grandparents - everyone is right. The kids get so much more time with them!

LDswims said...

I was born on my grandmother's 50th birthday and she thought she was too young (even then). So I was her youngest daugher's niece until she finally decided to claim me as her grand-daughter - which happened after the third grandchild was born when I was about 8.

Congratulations! It's so exciting, to me!

Sandy said...

What great news. Really. I'm 56 and dread being called Grandma. I've been thinking of names I would like to be called for the last few years (even though there are no babies in the near future). My favs are Nana and Oma (European I think).

MandaPanda said...

Congratulations! Tough question on the "Young grandma" name thing. My grandparents were always old and so were my parents when they become grandparents so I'm afraid I'm no help at all. Great news though!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! My grand kids call me Nonna. That's Italian.

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