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Monday, May 24, 2010

A celebrity?

Tomorrow is the last day of "normal" eating for me.  Maybe at least "normal"  to the old me.  I am excited to embark on this new experience.  I feel sometimes that as hard as I try, this may not work for me.  I wonder if this is due to all of the failed "diets."  (Boy I am liking the quotes today aren't I!?)  I am making myself stay positive.

My surgeon's office called today and reminded me of all of my appointments this week.  At that point, I remembered that I forget to mention a facet of my surgery to all of my blog buddies.  I will be the FIRST bariatric surgery patient the hospital I will be going to.  My surgeon has done thousands of lap-bands, but is adding a new hospital to his practice.  This is a good thing for me as this hospital is only one hour away, not almost four!  I received a call from the hospital staff last week.  They were great.  They want me to meet with everyone (not just the nurses).  They said that I will meet with the whole anesthesia team when I come in with my pre-op and then will be taken on a tour of the hospital to meet everyone.  I guess they are as excited as I am.  I am guessing that I will have an awesome experience at this hospital. 

My mother was a bit concerned when I told her this, but when I reminded her as the first everyone will be on thier "A" (there I go again with the quotes) game.  She agreed.  The surgeons office has dubbed me the celebrity! 

Last but definately not least... I am the most indecisive person in the world.  My surgeon has given me the choice of bands and I can't decide.  I asked him which he prefers, he said they are both great.  Help me out here!  Lap or Realize? Pros/cons? I can't take the pressure!!!!!!!


Bonnie said...

I have a choice too and will be really interested in the answers you get.

Marie said...

That's great that you are being treated so well! I have the 11cc Allergan band. I don't think there is much difference between them. I had heard that some have smaller ports and I kind of wish I had a smaller one.

Good luck with your surgery!

Nella said...

Didn't know there were options...
Interesting to hear the comments!

Amy W. said...

I thinking that it is so exciting that you are going to be the hospitals first. I wouldnt be nervous at all about that since the surgeon has tons of experience under his belt.

I also think that most of us had that fear that it might not work for us. Stranger things have happened for sure, and I guess anything is possible...BUT, I am a believer and believe that if you work with your band and your doc, this little thing inside of us can make a big difference!

I cant wait until you are on this side of the band.

Jenny said...

THey asked me what I wanted too, I think they are so similiar. My doc did lap band just bc he's done more of them-I told him whatever you want! I don't think they are any different.

Good luck!!

Amanda Kiska said...

Can I get an autograph? You are almost there! Yea!

I think the smaller the band, the better. Or at least the faster to get to good restriction. I have a 4 cc band and my second fill brought me to 2.7 cc which was too much and I had to have an unfill. Now I have 2.3 cc and think that is just about perfect for me.

Gwen said...

I also have a choice between LapBand and Realize. My surgeon encouraged me to go on their websites and research them. I think I'll end up just asking him which one he has used more/seen better results with and going with that. Although I did hear that if you do Realize you get to use a lot of good resources on their website for protein counting, etc. So maybe that is a plus? Good luck with the decision! Let us know what you figure out.

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