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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My crazy day :)

I called the surgeon's office today to make sure that my fax and email and everything went into my file and was then placed in the appropriate area. (I really know too much about this process) They said that she should get it sent in tomorrow. I asked for a phone call when it was sent so I could bug the hell out of the insurance company. I figure that can't be that bad with a different person answering each time. Anyway, on to the good news. Those who have been following for awhile know that I am driving an insane distance for my surgeon. I have been worrying about the 4 hour drive home after surgery. The surgeon has an office 1 hour away for fills, but not for the surgery... until NOW! They informed me that they are taking the team down to sign all of the papers with the hospitalone hour away next week. This also means that I may still be able to get a June date because they said there is NO waiting time at the new surgery site! This is glorious due to the fact July is just a no go for me due to the kids activities. August is OK, and Sept and Oct are again no good due to boy scouts always being nuts. When I told the lady at the surgeons office this she said "approvals are good for a YEAR" Who in their right mind would want to do that? Work so hard to get approved and then wait!? Not ME!



workinprogress said...

I wouldn't want to wait either!!

All my fingers and toes crossed you get a June date :-)

Bonnie said...

That's awesome about the hospital now only being one hour versus four. Guess it was fate.

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