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Monday, August 23, 2010

I am such a bad blogger!

I can't believe that it has been a week since I posted!  Life has taken hold and I have lost time.  Weight loss is good.  I am down 2lbs this week.  I am solidly in a 14.  I have been trying to find pants at the thrift shops, but am not having much luck.  Seems like they have everything EXCEPT a 14.  I did however find 2 khaki pants in 14 short at one shop.  $3 each and I didn't even have to hem!  Of course that isn't going to get me through a week of work, so I continue on my quest.  I just don't want to buy new pants and only get to wear them for a little bit.  I have went from a tight 18W to a 14 in a couple of months.  I hate wearing the bigger clothes because they make me look frumpy now.  Oh well, I may just have a bite the bullet.

I am really enjoying life with the lap band.  Who would have thought that I could share a kids portion with my 22 month old daughter?  The family and I took a nice bike ride this weekend.  I would have never been able to ride around town before.  My butt hurts though, it is the bike that I rode around campus in in college.  Maybe I need a bigger seat?


Jennifer B. said...

The best thing for bike riding are padded shorts or capris. A bigger seat will just hurt worse in my experience. You can find the padded shorts at most sporting goods stores in the cycling section.

Jenny said...

You're doing great!

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