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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let there be restriction!

I went for my second fill today.  It was very different from my first.  He again had me stand and it hurt this time when he stuck the needle in.  I got .5 cc.  He put in a whole one but backed 1/2 back out after I told him that really slowed things down.  He said that the research says conservative is best.  So I sit with 5 cc.  I noticed on the way home that my water was slower to go down.  Here's to hoping that this will do it.  OK back to my fill story (I must have the most eventful fills... remember the marinade injector?  I said that it hurt this time going in... well when he pulls it out he has the bandaid package in his hand opening it at the same time.  He yanks out the needle and blood starts spewing out of the hole hitting the cabinent.  He puts the bandaid paper of the stream (because they are so absorbant) and tells me to hold it there.  Blood is running down on my pants as I am standing this whole time.  We finally get dressing on it and he nochalantly says "nothing to worry about, the aorta is normally deeper than that needle goes."  WTF why would he say that?  Needless to say, I was ready to leave! 

On another note, I was graced with the great fortune of having two doctor appointments in one day!  So after I left my surgeon, I drove the hour to see my PCP.  I got great news at my PCP.  NO MORE MEDS!  I have officially been taken off my diabetes med, blood pressure med, and cholesterol med.  He said we will do labs in 6 months to check on the cholesterol and if I need something it will be a lot less potent than the Lipitor.  This PCP visit is worth every bit of pain that this surgery caused!


Sandy said...

You made me laugh so heard I cried about him not hitting the aorta. It's true though, it usually isn't that deep. I always bleed after my fill but I've never spirted before.

Soooooo HAPPY for you that the meds are finished. I hope to get off my BP meds soon and also hope my cholesterol goes down more. It's a great feeling to see that losing weight actually does register.

Thanks for the laugh. I'm still wiping up the tears.

Seeing in colour said...

I had my 2nd fill just the other day... it was interesting... Why does he make you stand?! i find that crazy... im lying down everytime my doc does it and i never bleed, i barely see the hole they made in my skin.
You poor thing, i would have gotten crazy angry with the doc if i got blood all over my pants ahahah.... what is with these docs?!

congrats on the non meds!! wooohooo... so many things changing its fantastic!

workinprogress said...

I did not know that could happen!!!

Congratulations on the meds front - awesome news!!!!

Anonymous said...

That fill sounds horrifying! I am so happy for to be off of your meds! Yay for you!!!!!

Alison said...

Your fill sounds horrific! Fabby news about your meds, well done!

Christine said...

Holy crap! Blood running down your legs? That's WACKED! Why do you bleed like that? I hardly bleed at all!! How scary!

But that's WONDERFUL to be off your meds! Congrats to you!


Linda said...

I've had a fill where all my fluid shot out of the band, but blood is way worse. I hope you do have restriction - that's awesome about your meds. I have diabetes too - I need to go have my blood test done to see if it's in remission.
It's totally worth it to get your health back.

Nella said...

No meds is definitely a GREAT THING! Makes it all worth it and more! Way to go!

Perry Joyce said...

Oh man, I am so glad I read this AFTER my last fill!! That's just terrifying!! Congrats on no more meds - take that money and buy something nice for yourself! You deserve it!

Jen said...

Wow, that would be very startling to say the least -- blood squirting out hard enough to hit the cabinet?!?! eep!

Congratulations on getting off the meds, that's such an awesome milestone!

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