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Monday, August 16, 2010

A new week.

I truely hate Mondays!  Please excuse my last post full of gramatical nonsense.  I typed it on my phone and it didn't seem to keep formatting.  I didn't realize how bad it looked until this morning.

On to today, I have a busy beginning of the week at work.  They end of the week is somewhat slow.  School starts this week.  I have been having a hard time rapping my head around the fact that I will have a son in high school this year.  He is really excited and is working on joining all kinds of clubs.  He is my more intellectual child.  Am I really this old? 

I am starting to lose my workout mojo.  I don't know what is going on with me.  I almost feel like it isn't worth it.  I know in my heart that it is definately what has gotten me to where I am now, but just can't seem to get into doing it as much as I need to.  I am going to let my tanning membership lapse this month.  Maybe that will give me more time before the baby comes home from daycare.  (My husband takes her and picks her up as daycare is in the town that he works in.)  I LOVE tanning though... It is just 8 miles away, in the university town and move in is this week.  This means that so many people will beat driving who don't know where they are going, causing accidents and such.  That and the tanning salon will be a zoo.  In order to get the appointment time that I prefer, I have to set my alarm on my phone for the time that they open to call as appointments must be made same day!  I guess that I will give a month lax on tanning and see about using that time for workouts and reflect on that in a month.

As for BOOBS, I so wish I was going!  I only live 6 hours from Chicago, but money is really tight this time of year.  I just don't see how I would swing it.  I am afraid that everyone is going to meet, and those who don't go are going to be very left out. :-(  It sucks being poor!

Oh well, no reason to cry over spilt milk.  I am off to spend my day in the land of juvenile mayhem...


Christine said...

I love tanning, too, because it gives me so much energy! There's really something to the idea that UV rays boost the body's melatonin and aids in proper sleep and increased energy. It's a good idea to keep some time set aside for your exercise, though. I hope you get out there and move, eat right, and lose weight this week! GO GO GO! :-)

MandaPanda said...

I'm not going to Chicago either so we can feel left out together! I hurt my ankle a couple weeks ago and even though it's feeling better, I still don't want to go to the gym. I feel your pain. Hopefully, we'll get remotivated.

Jenny said...

I get how you feel about BOOBS, but I have a sneaky feeling that we will be having more of these!

I heart tanning too. I know its horrible for you, but I look better tan. And I'm vain that way. :P

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