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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Great way to spend the long weekend!

So since I am on the pre-op diet, this "kick-off" to summer weekend really sucks!  I have avoided picnics with friends as I can't eat, and have resorted to cleaning my house.  My finished basement was looking pretty shabby.  I don't go down there much since the baby was born just because I don't want her trying to navigate the stairs.  The boys (age 10 & 14) pretty much use the basement as their own.  And if any of you live with boys you understand my pain.  There is a no eating or drinking rule in the basement... yet I am finding wrappers and waterbottles EVERYWHERE!  They listen so well.  Why all the cleaning you ask?  Well my mother is coming from Texas to stay when I have the surgery and the guest bedroom is in the basement.  Go figure.  Oh well I guess I will enjoy the clean while it lasts.  Probally not that long knowing my boys...  If they cherish their lives it will stay clean until grandma leaves!

Next weekend is my birthday.  We are going to St. Louis to attend a boy scout event.  This Scoutquest event will be the second biggest celebration of the Boy Scouts 100 years in the US.  My oldest boy is going to the biggest event which is the National Jamboree in July.  I will also still be on pre-op diet.  This should be interesting.  Any good ideas of low cal, high protein, low carb stuff to eat for dinner while out?  I was thinking that maybe I could take some frozen meals as are a suggested alternative to cooking in my diet, but yuck!   The boys are camping.  My baby girl and I are staying in a hotel. 

I tell you for the two weekends encompassed in this pre-op diet, I sure lucked out didn't I?  Memorial Day and my birthday, with travels added in.  But, I guess in the end it will be worth it.


Cindylew said...

My 2-week pre-op also fell on my birthday and mine was no meals...slim fast shakes ONLY for 14 straight days.
Hang in there...you can do this...you must do this.

Nella said...

Mine was during the 2010 Winter Olympics and we had family from out of town...so many dinners and functions out! There were days I wanted to scream...but low and behold I MADE IT and so WILL YOU!! Stay strong!

workinprogress said...

Goodness me - how long is your pre-op diet? You'll still be on it in JULY?

That's rough! Hang in there!

Bonnie said...

Never a good time for preop dieting. I feel your pain. I'm not preop yet, but I've got my last weigh in on Tuesday and can't afford to gain. Hang in there.

JazzyRayne said...

Hang in there, itll get better. Just look at the bigger picture. Im still doing pre-op. I got 3 more days... and even after surgery I have 2 more weeks of liquid. gosh!

Barefoot Jen said...

it will be soooo worth it... hang in there !!

TnT said...

You can do it!!! Just focus on the big picture!!

MandaPanda said...

I think travelling will definitely make it more difficult but from what I've seen, there's never a good time for this preop diet. Hang in there! You're doing great!

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