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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One WEEK until I am banded!

I am really getting excited now.  This time next week, I will be getting ready to head to the hospital.  I am so ready for this.  The pre-op diet is getting easier.  I have lost 5 lbs on it so far.  I am still a little worried about traveling on the pre-op this weekend, but I will have to do it.  I already paid for the hotel, so I am going.  Actually it will be a lot of walking which will be good for me.  I can't believe how excited I am about letting someone cut me open.  That is really sick! 

I did get a call from my PCP yesterday stating that my labs that I did on Friday indicated that my liver enzimes were a little off wack.  Could that be this pre-op diet?  He took me off my cholesterol medication and will repeat labs in three weeks.  I will be banded then and maybe those labs will show that I don't need that med anymore? 

Well I had better get going... the husband has overslept again and I need to go wake him up.  Then, I need to get ready for work.  I start my day with the stinkiest client I have.  Yeah me!  I will make sure I am armed with the Oust!


Christine said...

One week! How exciting! Good luck to you! You're going to do awesomely!
Christine (www.phoenixrevolution.net)

MandaPanda said...

Holy cow! Only one week to go...you'll make it...glad it's getting easier. Good luck on your trip

Catherine55 said...

Congratulations!! Not sure how restrictive your pre-op diet is, but I had to travel on mine (to Monterrey, Mexico, where I had my surgery). The hardest part was being around other people who were eating -- especially when they handed out meals on the plane.

I brought bouillon cubes on the plane with me, and just got hot water when they served the meals so that I could make broth. That was a HUGE help to me and got me through it just fine. Could be a good idea for you.

You have such an amazing year (and more) ahead of you! Congratulations again on your surgery date. :)


Amanda Kiska said...

It will be here before you know it!

KRocK said...

Congrats on the approval- I finally figured out how to follow your blog! I am still waiting on my approval- our insurance is still messed up so, who knows? I feel like I put all this work, time, MONEY into this surgery and now it may not happen. Oh well. Maybe for me this is just part of the journey I am supposed to take. I am definitely healthier than I was two weeks ago and thats what matters.
But I am jealous... ;)

Barefoot Jen said...

1 week... yahoooo !!!!! So exciting ;-)

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Yipppeee - so so excited for you!

Cindylew said...

We'll all be with you every step of the journey.
Cheers to one more week.

THE DASH! said...

Hi there,
Stumbled on your blog through another friend of mine. First up - LOVE your page - the yellow is beautiful and 2nd.. how exciting.. only a few days left before you're banded! You're going to have a lot of trials and tribulations this coming year but the changes you go through are going to be SO worth it. Congrats on your great decision.
Look forward to more posts.
Cara :)

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