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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope that everyone had as great of a day as I did!  It was a beautiful day here in Southern Illinois.  The weather couldn't have been any better.  My brother came over and we barbequed.  The kids hunted eggs and then we walked to the park.  I actually got out and jumped on the kids trampoline.  It wasn't that bad, actually a bit fun... will have to keep that in mind. 

My mother in law is wanting to make me crazy.  She is the one person that I didn't want to know about my surgery.  My husband slipped and said something to her.  Well the situation was unavoidable.  My doctor is 3 1/2 hours away.  We were there for the psych appt and physical when she called saying that she needed him at her house immediately.  He had to tell her.  Well from this point forward she is calling me telling me that I shouldn't do that to myself, and that I am putting my family at risk for losing me.  It just really pisses me off when she does this.  Not doing this puts my family at risk of losing me!  She doesn't get it.  But then again, she refuses to go to any specialist that her dr wants to send her to.  Argh!!


Jen said...

Happy Easter Heather! That is a darling picture.
Sorry about the MIL. I can't give you advice on dealing with it because my own mother and sister have bands, and my in-laws knew they had them so when it was my turn to get one - they were sort of informed and knowledgeable about it. You are doing the right thing and you will be much healthier afterwords.
Where is your surgery? My sister had hers in Peoria. Mine was in the Quad Cities.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, thank you for following my blog. Like you, I have to do the stupid 6 month diet for BCBS. I go tomorrow for the 5th one and I hope to have the paperwork submitted the first week of May. I am hoping to get banded in May sometime. Thankfully, all of my family is very supportive of me. Sorry about the MIL. My previous MIL was like yours. My current one is wonderful. Hang in there and you do what is best for you and your family. I look forward to reading about your surgery.

Heather said...

Jennifer, my surgery is going to be in Champaign. That is the closest other than St. Louis. I won't have to drive so far for my fills though only 1 hour. They just haven't gotten set up for the surgeries closer. I am definately dreading the 3 1/2 hour ride home after surgery!

Jenny said...

Some people won't get it, but maybe you could offer to show her some of the material that we get from the dr.'s and the seminars. It's your decision ultimately but its hard for people sometimes to understand how we get to this decision.

Sandy said...

I think you will just have to ignore MIL. Or pass the questions on to her son.

I had a 5 hour drive home after surgery. We were supposed to stay at a hotel for the night but when I was discharged at 2:00 pm (my surgery was at 10:00 am), I told my hubby to just drive. Slept almost all the way. You should stop every hour to stretch and walk around a bit but the drugs made me so dopey I just slept until the last hour. I was happier in my own bed. So load up on the drugs and you should be fine. Bring pillows, blanket, comfy flannel pants and socks, water bottle-oh and let your hubby drive.

I am probably older than your MIL (56) and I was banded because of health problems. Tell her if you don't fix this now, you will end up like me (with health issues which will shorten my life-diabetes, liver problems, high BP, high cholesterol...)-and is putting my family at risk of losing me!

MandaPanda said...

Hi! Just found your blog. I'm preband land as well and on the insurance diet. Blah. I also can totally relate to MIL Blues. Don't get me started. Just remember...deep breaths...

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