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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lessons learned!

I thought at many points in the day today that it must be a full moon and I needed to take a look at the calendar to make sure.  I still haven't done that yet...  In my job I deal with many people and the CRAZIES were out in full force today.  Here's to the quiet day I had penciled in on my calendar.

After lunch, my job took me to the middle school in our small town.  Girl fight... too much drama for me.  As I was walking in the door, I noticed that my son's bike was not locked to the bike rack.  I do not tolerate this as I work with criminals every day.  I was in the school for about 1 1/2 hours stewing about this the whole time. 

The police officer that was there also and I concurred that this was a issue that needed to be addressed today.  SO.... We took the liberty of removing my 14 year old son's bike from the bike rack and he took it to the police department so that we could retrieve it later.  The secretaries and principal and assistant principal at the school were all in on it also.  They really messed with his mind when he went in and told them it was gone.  I went and got him and took him to the police department to talk to the officer and report his bike. (same officer who took it for me)  A lot of fun!

Is it sick of me to handle things in this manner?  I bet he never leaves that bike unlocked again...


MandaPanda said...

I think it's brilliant! I took away all my daughter's toys away the day after Christmas because she hit me (she was 2 1/2). She earned them back over 4 months. She's never hit me again. Those are the kinds of lessons that stick with kids. More parents need to be as proactive as you are.

Sandy said...

I agree it was brilliant. What if it had really been stolen, then you would have felt worse. I'm sure he will remember to lock it all the time.

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

HA - love this - seriously - more moms should be this caring about their children and teaching them life lessons. Way to go.

Gen said...

Smart Mama! Your little girl is so adorable. I am jealous, my last baby is almost 4!

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