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Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Afternoon thoughts...

No blog yesterday... You know it is going to be a BAD day at work when the State's Attorney calls you at 8:03am and says "What did you have planned to do today?"  That is never a good question.  I actually had to work late! 

I am dying to call and see if my paperwork has been submitted!  They told me to call in 2 weeks!  I am on 2 days and it is killing me!  I don't know how you girls did it.  I just wonder if it will ever come.  I spent an hour this morning on the phone with my husband trying to figure out our schedules to see when it would be best to try to fit all of this in.  We are sooo busy this spring as the boys are separated in Scouts again this year.  One in cub scouts and one in boy scouts.  My husband is a leader in both.  Can we say LOTS of campouts!  Finally my husband said... "you schedule it whenever you need to and we will work around it.  I love him for being supportive of me with this. 

The main thing that I worry about is him being gone on a campout and me having to take care of my daughter who is 16 months.  Do any of you know what the weight lifting restrictions are?  She can climb up on the couch to sit with me, and I could change diapers on the floor (getting back up may be an issue), but I would have to lift her into her crib.  She is small for her age (21 lbs), but still... I worry if I won't be able to lift her and for how long. 
Well I am so glad it is Friday!  It is just me and the kids this weekend, as my husband has to go out to the woods and train new Boy Scout leaders.  He is the District Training Chairman also.  Can we say BUSY!?  I hope that maybe we can take on some closets!

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Sandy said...

You should have told the State's Attorney that you were planning to read blogs all day. LOL.

You should be able to lift your daughter but it might not be good since they sew the port into the muscle in your stomach. Do you have a friend who could help? Maybe a babysitter in the neighbourhood for a few hours to help you out if hubby must be away. You'll figure it out. How about asking the State's Attorney?

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