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Friday, April 2, 2010


I really think that men are another species!  Living with 3 of them always makes for good entertainment.  My husband is the king of the idiots this morning.  I wonder sometimes how I live with him. 

Our 10 year old lost a tooth last night.  He also had another tooth (that he didn't tell us about) that he lost last week and is just telling me about now.  So the bag goes under the pillow for the tooth fairy.  I look in my purse and all I have is a $10.  Darn!  I ask my husband and he says that he doesn't have any cash.  We hardly ever carry cash.  I say that I really don't want to put $10 from the tooth fairy.  That is a precident that I don't want to start.  He says, I will go and get some money and take care of it don't worry.  It is about 11 pm at this point.  I head off to bed thinking everything is fine.  I get up at 6am (which is a joke in itself because it is a holiday at work) and ask him if he took care of the tooth fairy.  He says "Oh sh*t, I forgot!"  MEN!  Needless to say, $10 is the going price for teeth nowadays at the Travelstead house!

Oh and since I have the day off... I am going to go through my closet and remove the winter clothing.  I sure hope that I don't have to bring these particular clothes out again!


Jenny said...

UGH! We never have cash either! Maybe you could say that it was the $10 for the two teeth?? lol

Sandy said...

I forgot so many times, that I finally had to tell my son "the truth". I couldn't stand his sad face when he would come into my bedroom with his tooth still in hand. I'm sure I traumatized him for life. He then asked if the Easter Bunny was real, so of course I said yes! That little bunny never forgot to leave us lots of chocolate.

Band-Babe said...

Hey, I just told my husband he was an idiot not three minutes ago! He's currently im'ing me about anything wrong I've ever said to him... MEN! :)

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