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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I had a victory today!

No my insurance didn't call, nor the surgeons office saying that they submitted, but I didn't go to lunch with my co-workers!

Now I know that sounds strange and all, but it being Secretaries day and all the office was going out to lunch at of all places Pizza Hut.  I looked last night at the nutritional information posted online and was apalled!  It was sickening to think that I would feed that to my family without thinking.  I was looking for something that I could order that wouldn't be too bad, but I really couldn't find anything that I could stomach and the salad bar there just isn't very nice.  I tore myself up about it all morning and finally told them at 11:30 to count me out and told them why.  They understood.  I never would have thought twice about this a few months ago. 

I did get to come home for lunch and save myself at least 700 calories and find that I have 40 followers who stay around to listen to my rants!  Thank you for being here for me it has been more helpful to me than anything and I know that I can come and ask any question (no matter how wierd) and someone is going to know and not be offended.  That is priceless. 


Sandy said...

And to top it off, you saved the $$$ for something else you might need (or a special gift just for you). Congrats on the decision.

Leslie said...

Good for you!! I miss Pizza Hut, I wouldn't have been as strong. LOL. Not that I can eat pizza but I would have been tempted to try.

Bonnie said...

Good decision passing up on Pizza Hut. Not sure if I could have done it.

River said...

well... actually right now you have 41 followers :)

I think you did awesome! and I have to say your co-workers also did good. Because whenever I say no to anything I get hit by a wall of people trying to change my mind or don't understand my problem and keep bombarding me with comments like "you don't eat like this everyday one time won't hurt you" But it does hurt. Because these occasions just add up and sometimes you can't just get rid of them.

Well done to all of you. It must be nice to see people understand you. and you probably saved more than 700 calories cos once you start it's not easy to stop at those restaurants :)

Jenny said...

Funny you should post this! Were having papa johns for dinner! lol. I'm trying the thin crust.

Great victories for you!!

workinprogress said...

Wow!!! That's a really hard thing to do. Congratulations - you were so strong!

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