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Monday, April 19, 2010

The frustration is mounting!

I have tried and tried to be patient with this insurance approval.  I broke down and called the surgeons office today.  The lady that I talked to (wasn't the one I usually do) said that my chart is still on the nurses desk (she didn't indicate if anything had been done with it) and that she was probably going to call me or something.  My file has been on the nurses desk for a week.  A WEEK!  If anything set on my desk for a week, my boss would have a fit and I work for the Courts where everything goes slow.  No phone call today.  I have called BCBS and they don't have anything from the surgeon.  Am I losing my mind!?  I don't want to be a pest, but I really hate this holding pattern.  My husband even asked me the other night if I knew when I was going to get skinny.  That is his way of showing that he is getting anxious. 

Any suggestions on how to pass the time?


Amanda Kiska said...

Try to look at it as a lesson in patience. I know it is frustrating, but hang in there!

Jacquie said...

I went to Mexico and by-passed the whole insurance thing so I am of no help there. However, I've heard many on here who were where you are now developed a wine habit. I can see why! Hang in there honey, you'll get through this and end up skinny.

kagead said...

No suggestions because I am right there with you!! Everything was submitted by my surgeon on Wednesday of last week. I called today to "just make sure it was in the system" (heehee) and was told, yes and it is showing as "open."

Of course they reminded me that approvals can take up to 10 days, so I may be sitting on these darn pins and needles for a while longer.

Hang in there- you're not alone!

Jenny said...

This is really hard. We have all broken down over this. I remember calling every day! They told me it was still in review and then the next day I got the call. hang in there, we are here for you!!!

Bonnie said...

Hi, Heather. Saw that you are going through insurace hell from your comment on Amy W's blog. Unfortunately we have to pay the piper to get this surgery paid for, but they sure do torture us, don't they! I'm still going through the 6 months of required nutritional counseling. Hey, did you know that if you eat less calories and exercise more, you'll lose weight? Who knew! DUH! As you can see, I'm not taking the counseling very seriously. I could freaking teach a weight loss class. Can you tell I'm bitter? Anyway, don't want to give you a bad first impression. I'm usually a very positive person. Just getting a little frustrated that this is going so slow...but I'm closer than I was 4 months ago.

Linda said...

I can't tell you too much. My process took forever and by the end I called the Dr. and Aetna a lot. It will happen though.

Kristen said...

Hey Heather! Thanks for following :0)

I think it's pretty messed up that your file is still sitting on someones desk!! I hope it gets out in the mail asap.. I called a bunch of times and made them look/work for the status on my file.. they work for you..don't feel sorry about that..

Good luck!

Robin said...

Insurance hell is practice for bandster hell.

KRocK said...

I had to look to make sure you werent in MN. My office is working the same way with my approval. Then I start to think, I am trusting my life to these people... and they cant even hand in an insurance claim...and it makes me really nervous about the surgery.

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