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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Been so busy!

I have been extremely busy this week.  I think that the 20 lbs that I have lost have given me back a lot of energy.  Last week I purchased a jogging stroller at a garage sale for $5.  I figured I would try it because the sidewalks in our town are old.  Worked wonderful, but was a little ok a lot worn out looking.  On Sunday, we took my husband to a local state park for a picnic.  He threw the football with the boys and I actually got on the playground equipment with my daughter.  We had thrown the newly acquired stroller in the car in case we decided to walk around the park.  We got the ingenious idea to try a mile long trail.  On the sign it said "rugged terrain."  Anyone who has ever tried to hike with a regular stroller will know how difficult it is.  We have tried on several occasions because that is one thing that we always have enjoyed doing.  My husband is really into geocaching so we often find ourselfs in the woods walking.  Back to the story, We LOVE the jogging stroller!  It did wonderfully on the trail.  Up hills, down hills, over logs, up and down stairs on bridges, it did it all!  We have our lives back!!!  Needless to say, I want a new jogging stroller!  

How to justify a purchase of a new stroller?  Sell all of the old ones!  I decided on Friday morning that i would have a yard sale on Saturday to raise the money for the new stroller.  It was a lot of work, but well worth it.  I raised enough money for the new stroller and cleaned out the closets.  I can't wait until it comes in!  We have gained our life back!  Trails here we come!

Today I am refinishing some furniture.  It is hot outside, but I really need to get this little dresser done. 

On weightloss news, I lost only 1 lb this week.  I know that being a lower BMI to start, my weightloss will be slower.  I just get discouraged a bit.  Maybe when I get my fill, it will come off a bit faster.


Nella said...

Way to go! 1lb down for good! Keep on rocking baby!

Susan said...

Good for you - healthy choices and being so active! And I love Nella's comment - 1 lb down for good! Everything I read is that you're in the toughest time period - waiting for a fill - so exciting to still be losing!

Perry Joyce said...

I know what you mean - I'm in a lower BMI myself and I'm never gonna have these 5-7 lb weight loss weeks. Not exactly something I can complain about though, "Damn, I'm too 'skinny' to lose weight fast!" =)

Just keep in the mind the slower you lose the better chances your skin bounces back (among other factors, of course). I know I'd personally rather have slow and steady weight loss and tight skin than the opposite!

Keep up the good work, a pound is a solid pound you will never see again!

Cindylew said...

Just keep doing what you're doing...your fill will be here soon enough.
Congrats on your loss.

Jenny said...

I always wanted one of those jogging stroller. Glad it worked out so well!

Christine said...

I can't relate to the stroller talk as I have no children but...DUDE! I love geocaching! Did you guys find any caches along the way?

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