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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maybe the scale doesn't know it all!

I will be 3 weeks post surgery tomorrow and I haven't lost a lot (3lbs).  I was getting discouraged so I did my measurements.  I have... get this... lost 19 inches since March!  I am really thinking that my clothes must have been REALLY tight and looked horrible.  My 18s are getting loose, but not loose enough to not wear them.  I also wear 16W.  These are the sizes that I started with.  I am very happy with the inches lost.

One of my coworkers (all know about my surgery) commented this morning about my size.  I told her she was crazy because I felt "lumpy" today.  My pants were looser today though. 

I can't wait until I get a fill.  I have absolutely NO restriction.  The only thing that I have trouble with is doughy bread.   I am ready to get this show on the road!


Island Bandit said...

who cares what the scale says when you're melting away like that! fantastic news. When do you get your first fill? Hope it's soon so you can get where you need to be

Christine said...

I think you're doing fantastically for being so soon after surgery! For me, I didn't start loosing post-surgery weight for SIX MONTHS! (That was because the dumbassed nurse kept missing my port site, so I essentially wasn't getting the fills I needed. So rest assured, this will not be the same with you.) It may seem frustrating a bit, but you ARE loosing weight, and you will continue to lose weight!! Congrats on the weight loss!!

Jenny said...

I think in the beginning I was still really swollen, remember that there was a lot going on in there just a few weeks ago! Love that you took your measurements. It really helps during times like this! You're doing great!

Catherine55 said...

That is awesome!! It will be even better once you are out of Bandster Hell. It's so great that you are tracking your measurements. I have really been happy that I have been able to do that through the last 19 months.

Cindylew said...

Hang in there...this is probably the toughest part (aside from the pre-op diet). Sounds like you are melting away based on your measurements...any loss is a good thing.

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