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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have made it to the other side!

I would like to begin with a humongous  "Thank You" for all of the great inspirational comments yesterday.  My surgery went well.  I had the whole nursing staff in same-day surgery to myself.  It was great.  To those of you who don't remember, I was the first bariatric patient of this particular hospital.  My surgeon has done thousands, but just a new location.  The whole staff of the hospital had to come and see how I was feeling, and make sure everything was going well. 

I went to the hospital at 9am, I was in surgery by 10:30.  I don't remember going into the OR with any of my other surgeries.  I was wheeled in very awake, moved to the other bed and let them tie me down.  Next thing I know I am in recovery.  I was so tired.  I kept falling asleep.  I ended up getting home at about 4pm.  I went to bed at 7:30. 

For pain meds, I asked te dr. if I could have something in pill form, as I can't handle liquid medication.  He prescribed Dilaudid for pain.  It is a very small pill.  The pain hasn't been unbearable.  I am walking well, but getting up and down is still sore especially the port area. 

The surgeon chose the standard Lapband AP.  I am doing well on Clear liquids today and start full liquids tomorrow. 


kagead said...

Glad to hear it went so well!!! Congrats and keep us updated when you can.

-Grace- said...

Glad it went well!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so happy you are doing so well!

Steph said...

So glad to hear it went well. Be sure not to overdo it. I remember the first day after surgery, I felt "great" and then the pain and uncomfortableness set in on day three. just relax and enjoy vegging out for a few days!

Sumer said...

YAY!!! Glad to hear it went so well!!

Jenny said...

As they say "Make sure you're walking!" Other than that enjoy the attention! Glad to hear that it went well and you are resting!

DB said...

Glad to hear you are home & doing well!!!

Amanda Kiska said...

Welcome to Bandland! You DID it!

Christine said...

Congratulations, and welcome to Bandland!!

You're probably going to experience some pain in the next day or two as the gas they put into your body works its way to your shoulders and back. Just endure this -- it doesn't last too long, so be strong!

I'm so glad that it went well! You're going to LOVE THIS a year from now, when you're skinny and hot and feeling better than you ever have in your whole life!!! I'm so excited for you!


workinprogress said...

Congratulations!! It sounds like you are doing really well :-)

Sandy said...

Yeah for being banded. Be well.

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