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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful for Insurance

My two week bandiversary was yesterday.  I am eating everything normally and feel as if there hasn't been anything implanted in me.  My doctor says that it is because I am so small anatomically that the band is just lightly around my stomach.  That being said any weightloss is still sheer willpower.  I do however have a $40,003.72 courtesy copy of the charges submitted to insurance to prove that they did something to me.
I am very thankful that most if not all of this bill will be covered by insurance.  I would have never been able to afford any of this without it.  My husband and I both are happy working as public servants, we just can't  afford much more than the necessities. 

I am having a hard time waiting for my first fill.  I would really like to see some results soon!


Perry Joyce said...

Yeah, I got my bill from the hospital the other day. This isn't even including the surgeon's fees - $42,000! That's criminal. It's negotiated down to $26,000 and I won't lie - I have no idea what that means. But the initial figure shocked me. I would have never done this without insurance.

When's your first fill? Keep up with the willpower, even with the band having some practice in that department will only help you in the long run! My hunger is just starting to return (at six weeks out) and it's not fun!

Janice said...

I'm four weeks out from banding and I'm starting to get "hungry." Generally, I eat six small meals a day so that helps keep the hunger at bay. I also drink in between. My tummy growls every now and then but it is bearable. I think I will be ready for my first fill on July 7.

Congrats on your band!!!

Bonnie said...

Your first fill will be 2 days before my surgery. A good week for both of us. I too could not have this surgery without insurance so I am very thankful.

kagead said...

As you know, I'm just behind you. Monday will be two weeks for me.

Saw my 1st bill today from the hospital (not the Dr. or anesth), and not sure if it even includes the overnight stay. $26,000.

I have my follow up with the Dr. next Wednesday and hope to have my first fill two weeks after that!

Christine said...

OMG my bills (well, copies of the bills sent to the insurance) kept coming for months and months. I stopped counting after $55,000 but it was more than that. Amen...thank goodness for insurance!

Janice hit the nail right on the head. I'm 16 months from surgery and I eat 5 or 6 times a day, but really small meals...150-200 calories at each "meal." It's really more like snacking all day than it is like having a "meal." Get used to "grazing!!" Be patient and wait for you fills. I found my first fill REALLY anxiety-ridden. I was terrific of that (really really ginormous) needle stabbing into me but I was shocked *SHOCKED* that I could hardly feel it at all.

#fatfreefloozy said...

Hey sweety! I honestly have felt that I have been eating and I am at 10 weeks and sometimes think, "maybe they forgot to put a band in". But weight keeps dropping slowly, and although I feel like I have been eating crap loads, it is only a quarter of what I ate before. Hang in there!

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